Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why can't people just get along?

I have a wonderful group of friends. They are fantastic. The women get along and the men get along. I've just never had a group of friends like this before and I feel incredibly blessed.

Until this week.

We had a get together at a restaurant because two of them just recently turned 30. Then after wards we went out dancing. Well, thank goodness I couldn't make it til the dancing part, so I missed all the drama. Although at this point, I don't feel like I did.

Today, I get a phone call from my bestie explaining what went down and how on Sunday one of the girls(she is new to the group) was talking about her(my bestie) on Sunday and her kids in front of OTHER kids and adults. And when confronted about it the new one got real snotty. She got snotty because she was caught not because she did it! Oh how I dislike those kind of people. the kind that don't feel sorry but just sorry for themselves because they were busted. So needless to say our little group has a bit of division in it right now. BUT even though this happened with my best friend, I'm trying hard not to pick sides. Because you know....I'm 31. I'm not in high school, but all sides of me want to stick up for her. You know rush out tell the other girl to mind her business. But the small part of me just thinks the new girl in the group is jealous and I know darn well she wants to be the center of attention. She's hard to deal with and hard to work with in all aspects. She expects people to walk the line around her and heck she talks like that to her husband which is rude. And no, I'm not a do every single thing my husband tells me to do and like it. BUT I respect him enough to not talk to him like this other lady does especially in front of people.

So I have this huge feeling that our little group is just never going to be the same. And it is sad. It is one of those times that you know people are going to pick sides. And I don't want to. Well I do but the adult side of me is telling me to stay out of it because I wasn't there both days. I just hate to see one friend so sad and the other thinking she did nothing wrong.

Ugh...sometimes it just stinks to grow up and act like an adult.

I know, I know this is such a boring blog post. But see, you can't even escape grade school behavior when you grow up!

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