Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow, ice and impetigo

Last week we got hammered with snow and freezing rain. The snow was wonderful and just beautiful! The kids have been sled riding in the backyard. We had a snow day on Friday and today "C" wanted, well not just wanted, he begged for a 2 hour delay.

The freezing rain caused some massive accidents on the interstate that caused traffic to be rerouted past my house for 18 hours or so. But I would have taken all that traffic longer than that and not complained a bit if the 2 adults and child would have lived. I feel so terrible for complaining about traffic blocking my drive way (couldn't get in or out). At least my family and I were happy and warm while we were stuck in our house. We were all together and those 3 people won't be with their family again. Sometimes I need a kick in the behind to stop feeling sorry for myself. Really I do!

Ugh and lets not forget our visitor last week. My 9 year old son got impetigo from someone. Poor kid. I thought he had a cold sore for a day or so. And then the next day he had a huge rash all over his cheeks! We got him right into the doctor and got him his antibiotic and ointment for his face. So far, the rest of us haven't gotten it. And we've turned into Germ X I so hope it stays away. But seriously I check the mirror every single day...heck multiple times a day. I'm not counting cause I'd be embarrassed at how many times I look to make sure I don't have a rash appearing.

My daughter is going to be 7 on Thursday so we are going to be having a bday party soon. Ideas, please!! HELP!!! I'll have another post on that soon.

Have a GREAT day everyone :-)

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