Monday, March 8, 2010

Le Creuset Baking Dish(es) GIVEAWAY

Mom's Sanity is making a comeback is having AN awesome giveaway! If you want to win Le Creuset Baking dishes, then stop by her blog. Follow her entry rules and you could win!!

I've always wanted dishes like these :-)

So stop by her blog and find out how to enter!!

Sense of accomplishment!

When we moved in October, it was a long process. Half of our stuff was still in the old place. But it was mostly the stuff we didn't need or use often. So when we finally sold the other place, we had to go over and bring it all over. We sat it in our basement and left it for 2 months. Well, the kids got into it because some of it was old toys. Plus it was in the way of their computer, wii, and tv. They have their own room in the basement. And we had boxes unpacked, toys thrown everywhere, and just a HUGE HUGE mess!

I'm happy to say that side of the basement is clean and ready to be remodeled! We are going to drywall the basement, paint and close it off from the other half of the basement which is the laundry room. The floor is cement so I think we are honestly just going to paint it with that cement paint and buy an area rug. I don't want to put carpet down there. I mean after all, it IS a basement and I don't want to have a leak and have to replace carpet. An area rug sounds much cheaper in case that happens.

We got rid of 4 of those industrial sized garbage bags of why in the world did we pack junk? I think because we got in such a big hurry when we were moving that we just started tossing stuff in boxes.
Note to self: If we ever move again, take more time to pack. Toss junk BEFOREHAND! Not when you move into the new place.

So we got rid of broken toys. Packed boxes for a yard sale this spring.

Now this week I'm going to be joining Lynette's Simplifying for Sanity. This week the choices are a bedroom or living room area. I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to do a bedroom or living room. My living room is clean and decluttered. BUT remember above where I said we moved?? Yes, you guessed right! I have no pictures on my walls!! Crazy I know. How can a person live here for 6 months and have no pics on their walls! Well, if I chose the living room that will all change! But I'm thinking of going with my daughter's room instead!

So look for pictures coming soon! Yay! Yes there will be before and after pics!!

Oh wait and you wanna know the best part of the clean basement??? I can go down and do wii fit AND play my Super Mario Bros game!! WOOHOO for me. Completely selfish reason but hey it worked!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Feeling like Rudolph the Rednose Wendy!

Oh gosh, my nose is bright, bright red. I swear you can see my coming a mile away with this shiny red thing on my face. This sinus infection is killing me. My husband had it and shared it with the kids. And then he decided it would be nice to share with me. Now I love my husband. I really really do. But I think I could have done without him for the week or two that he was sick. I think I could have nicely shut him in the basement. I know that sounds mean but it has a recliner and two couches and even has cable! I mean it wouldn't be like I shoved him in a dungeon.

I can't take meds for it without going to the doctor because of the other meds I'm on. So I can't even relieve any of the pressure. And Vicks, well it isn't getting half way through my congestion. And Vicks tissues, well, they just make me sneeze and my eyes water! Who knows, maybe that means it is helping.

Today I went to Walmart to buy cough meds for my munchkin and I couldn't buy it without proving I was 18. LOL!! I had a chuckle. I mean here I am, 31 years old. I have a 9 year old and they want to make sure I'm 18 :-D

Last weekend, we went to the casino and I had to wear the bright bracelet that alerted everyone to the fact that I was indeed over 21 or else I'd be carded by security all night....woohoo!! I sure hope I can keep this up until I'm elderly! Ok according to my kids, I am OLD!

Sorry, I know that my whole post doesn't make much sense to me. But in my sinus congested world, the whole thing makes wonderful sense :-D

It all boils down to this.....honey don't share. I don't like it. Ok well usually I do but please pick more wisely before you share a cold with me.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Is it the weather???

OK so lately I notice everything has been so negative. It doesn't matter where I'm at. If it is real life or online. If it is kids or if it is adults. Negativity is just running rampant.

Is there anything we can do? I mean the old killing people with kindness isn't working. BUT it makes me feel better to know I wasn't a snot to someone else.

The grocery store was an eye opener. Once upon a time, people used to smile, say hi, excuse me, how are you. Now, you better just get out of the way. I had an older lady get all nasty with me when I said excuse me and just thought how dare she. How dare she try to hurt my feelings, when I just said excuse me while she stood in the middle of the aisle. I didn't try to fit by her, push her or stand behind her and sigh rudely. I nicely with a smile said excuse me and she acted like I swore and cussed her out! I mean she honestly made me feel like I was a two year old!

I get online to chat with friends on facebook or on certain communities and everyone is fighting. Everyone is causing drama. Why?

Or how about someone who says he is my son's friend and calls his chubby and how he hopes he isn't like him. son isn't fat, he's almost 10. He honestly is in a growth spurt. His doctor even said he is at that age and he will get taller at some point. And me, wanting to stretch the poor kid out so his friends wouldn't make fun of him, really wouldn't work!

And then I find out that my sister in law who is 17, talks about me while she is at school to her friends. Why? I'm 31. She said she hates me and that I will just talk about her to everyone. Um, I haven't seen her since Christmas.

Really, why does it bother me that a 17 year old hates me? I guess because I thought that I was always nice to her. I've always gone out of my way to help her, and to drive her to places when she needed a ride even if it is was really out of my way. And that is how I get repaid?

So how do we change it? I mean how do we change negativity? It is so easy to get wrapped up in it. But I can't. It isn't in me to just be mean because I feel like it. And honestly it just brings me down.

I've come to the conclusion that it is the weather. I mean it has to be right? People want out of their houses. They are tired of being snowed in. It has to be the sure has been weird lately. It sorta matches attitudes. Just plain weird!