Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Decluttering Plans!

We moved into our new house in October and I can already see where our "hot spots" are going to be.

The main area is in the basement. The area where we come in from the garage gets coats, tons of shoes, backpacks. and whatever junk they bring home from wherever we are. Plus the one room in the basement is the kids play/game room. It has their tv, wii, dartboards, basketball hoop and nerf guns. So it always looks a mess. Which stinks because that is the first area we walk into.
****My goal in the basement is to have an area to place their backpacks. We do have a coat rack but I need to convince those kids to use it instead of tossing it on the furniture. Plus, I want to toss at least 10 items a week. I know I can easily toss more stuff in the trash but 10 items is the minimum.

The second room is the kitchen.
****The dining room table is a MAJOR hot spot so is one section of the counter alongside the coffee pot and the microwave stand. In this room, I want to make sure that all old school work is thrown away and the hot spots cleaned nightly. I work in the evenings so I come home to a messy kitchen area. But we are working on that ;-)

The living room is generally clean but just to be safe, I want the endtables cleared out of the books weekly, unless they aren't finished being read.

****go through the cupboards and toss empty bottles. My kids have a habit of emptying shampoo bottles and placing them back in the I tell

Kids room.
****Light clean weekly. Deep clean monthly where we toss broken toys or toys missing parts. And go through their clothes to check sizes. I try to do this when we fold laundry but sometimes a few smaller items make it through. Oh and we are going to work on donating so many toys every few months. They get so many toys that they push quite a few to the side.

Remember this isn't my cleaning schedule. These are just my plans to declutter. My cleaning schedule itself needs its own plan but at this point as long as it is getting done, I'm happy!

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog. I too have been doing a big decluttering effort and commend you on your plans. To help keep me be accountable, I have been blogging about it and just started to do a weekly decluttering linky. So feel free to come by if you want to link up :)