Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thusday!

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This is my first Thankful Thursday :-)

I am thankful for my children. Even when they are sick, like they are now, and driving me up the wall;-), they still can bring a smile to my face. They make me feel better, just by calling me Mama!

And I'm thankful for my great friends that I just developed last year. They help keep sane. We do stuff together as families with our kids and we all get together to go away without our kids. I love having friends I can do both with. We used to have friends that only wanted to see us if we could go away without our kids and we can't always do that so it is nice to have friends who get it!

Most importantly, I'm thankful for my hard working husband. He works long hours for us to have the life we do have. He isn't afraid to help me around the house when I get behind and he loves to get down and play with those kids of ours! And I'm thankful that he chose me to be in his life. After 10 years, it feels like we just got married.

So that is my thankful Thursday. What are YOU thankful for today! Link up and let us know!

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