Sunday, November 29, 2009

How do you Pray?

So today has been a little stressful and as I was praying, I thought boy it is a good thing He knows what I mean because none of that made any sense! So I wondered if I was the only one who just talked like He was standing right beside me? I sorta blunder through like I have no clue what I'm

I have family members that do the long elaborate praying and they say that is correct. They always have the proper form like we are sitting in church and the preacher is praying.

So how do you pray? Is there a right or wrong way? Or is the fact that we are talking to him enough?


  1. I honestly do not think that there is a specific way to pray. I think that mainly it is the feeling behind the prayers and the deep connection you have with "the divine source" that truly matters. I also do not think that if you pray against a certain guideline that your prayers will be rejected. Pray whichever allows you to have a deep connection with yourself and with the "divine source" or whatever you would like to call it.

  2. i do talk to the lord like he is my best friend. there are times i am on my hands and knees but on a everyday basis i am in constant communication. i homeschool and sometimes i just need to ask for help but not move away from the table where my kids are.