Monday, October 19, 2009

Menu Planning

Am I the only one who struggles with menu planning? I make my grocery list, I plan my menus and wouldn't you know I never do what I plan. But having just bought this new house and adding another payment to our budget, I have decided to try much much harder to stick with what I plan. I think it was easy for me to not stick with the budget because we always had the extra cash because we didn't have a house payment. Now that we do, I want to be more frugal where I can. Some

Since I already got my groceries this week, I will just share my menu and next week I think I will actually say if I managed to just get what I put on my grocery list or not. I swear I just wonder aimlessly through the store throwing stuff in the cart!

Monday--Steak, scalloped potatoes, veggie (maybe rice instead of the potato)
Tuesday--Stuffed Peppers (Tae Kwon Do night so this will be crock pot day)
Wednesday--Meatloaf, potatoes, veggie
Thursday--Spaghetti & meatballs (our cub scout night always has something quick)
Friday-- I work Friday nights so DH always takes the kids out to the pizza place. It is their special night together
Saturday--I work too but I try to have something quick made since I don't leave til 5:00. Even if it is just chicken nuggets and french fries. Which everyone seems to love for some reason.
Sunday--I'm not sure yet. Friday, Saturday and Sunday start our new grocery week but Sunday is generally a big family meal since that is the only day my husband has off.

I really hope to get better at planning. I have so many things I want to change now that we have this new house and are sorta starting over with all of our schedules.

So does anyone else stuggle or are you organized in meal planning?


  1. Funny you posted about this because I just posted a question to moms in general on my blog - "what are you cooking for dinner tonight?" I wanted to get other ideas of what to cook from other moms since I usually make the same thing!

    How do you make the stuffed peppers in the crock pot? Sounds yummy!

    And sticking to your list is super hard. I've gotten better, but still not great at it. I am not one to plan dinners more than a day in advance, but I aspire to be like that someday! ;-)

    Great blog.....feel free to check mine out.

  2. This is an area I STILL can't get a grip on. I buy everything at the store...dinner time starts approaching...and I have not made anything. Then I ask my husband what he feels like for dinner. Of course he says "I don't know, what do we have?" LOL! What is wrong with me? How do I plan AND follow through?

  3. Hi Wendy

    Need you to email me you won the giveaway of Lynettes book.

  4. It takes a while to get into the habit of it and sometimes I'm better at it than other times. But I plan my menu from my pantry not what's on sale each week. I just do a weekly menu some people do a monthly. I do what dinners I want to serve that week but I don't necessarily assign a day to each meal.

    Good for you for trying - keep at it - you'll find your groove!


  5. Thanks for praying for us as we host Sergei!