Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow Cream

It is the EASIEST thing ever to make. Yummy. We used to make it in elementary school. And I just found the recipe again.

8 cups of snow (or shaved ice if you live where there is no snow. But I think this winter everyone has had a bit of snow!)

1 Can of Condensed milk

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. (or however much you like. I'd start with the teaspoon and then taste. You can use peppermint extract too. Yum)


Place the ice in a bowl, combine the milk and vanilla and mix! And then ENJOY IT! (You could use peppermint extract too if you'd like a different flavor. I suppose you could try chocolate syrup although I never have.)

Of course, I also had someone tell me I shouldn't eat it because of the pollution in the snow but I figure I eat veggies that are grown in goodness knows what and then I eat meat from the store where they inject who knows what. (we are trying to eat local but still you never know)

But it is yummy and cheap. And something hopefully your kids remember making and eating just I like I remember!

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