Sunday, January 23, 2011

Boy am I a clutz!

Tuesday started like any other day. I worked 9 to 5. So I got up and got ready, then got the kids ready for school. Went to work and managed to only work an hour before I fell off the ladder. OK, I missed the step. It wasn't a free fall from the top. I landed on my feet and but my right knee popped twice and down I went.

Clutzy me managed to strain my knee. Of course, the ER told me I strained my ankle. And when I went to the workman Comp doctor I told him I just didn't think it could be my ankle. On Tuesday, he said he would check to make sure I didn't tear my ACL. My ankle is HUGE. It is nice and swollen which is why he can't feel if my ACL is torn.

So I get to watch everyone around me do everything for me. And while that sounds nice and theory, I don't like it. I hate being helpless. I hate not being able to go up and down stairs without assistance. AND

I'M BORED! BORED I tell you! You can only watch so many lifetime movies and facebook so much. And Angry Bird it so much before you are just plain bored.

AND while I'm doing nothing I'm gaining weight. I had these grand plans of doing Couch to 5k and I can't. I feel like I ran a 5k just going up and down the steps.

Sigh....but on a better note at least I just hurt my knee. I mean it could be worse.

I have grand plans of reading Crazy Love. Can't wait to get started! I bought it to read with a book club and never got to it. Everyone has loved this book so I can't wait to get started on it!

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