Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Fall in pictures!

Here is our fall in pics. These are all the important people in my life...well minus my friends cause I don't have their permission to post their pics here!

These are the crazy bums after running around the corn maze for hours!
They look a little crazy but hey that is us on a normal day!

Taking a break from the chaos. Me and Mr. Cutie!!

The crazy Princess and Cletus (that's the boy...that's what his ball team calls him!) My husband was peeking at my nephew and unfortunately that is when the pic was taken!

The princess looking scared cause she is in jail! She's with her friend "H"

The Princess with "H" and "A"

Here is Cletus riding his tractor. He was getting ready to race with his friends!

And here is Uncle "Cutie" with our nephew! If you've read previous posts then you know the amazing story behind this little pumpkin head!

All my pumpkins with their silly looking faces on!

And Uncle "Cutie" again! We just love this boy to pieces!

And this is my family looking like bums on a normal day around here! We often look a little crazy with old bummy clothes and hair undone. But this is the REAL us. But yes the princess has had her hair cut since this... And the boy doesn't like his pic taken as often. I'm thinking that is the 10 year old in him??

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