Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No More Santa?

Oh my! This year is the first year that both "Cletus' and the Princess believe there is no Santa. It is sad but at the same time it makes Christmas so much easier. AND it helps keep their focus on what Christmas is about. We've always tried to Jesus the very center of Christmas but when you are little it is so easy to think of Santa first.

Plus it makes it easier as they get older and their toys get more expensive. This year Cletus realizes that if he does indeed get that Xbox he is hinting at that there may not be 20 other gifts under the tree. And the Princess wants the hot pink Dsi that I can't find. I found the anniversary addition and the lime green one but no hot pink. So it will make it easier to explain why I can't get it and maybe get the one that comes with a game.

The Princess asked me if it meant there was no more tooth fairy too. I told her to believe whatever she liked. But that I bet somebody would bring her 1.00 for her tooth! I guess it is a concern when you have a lose tooth!

I don't remember when I stopped believing in Santa. I think I was about the same age as the Princess. I had a ton of older cousins who spilled the beans. Poor Princess has a 4th grade brother who I think spilled the beans to her. There always has to be a party pooper. Once I realized what happened, I had to make sure they know they couldn't tell any other kids. I don't want to have the kids who ruin the fun for the parents!

Do your kids believe or not believe? Were you sad or just fine with it?

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