Monday, March 8, 2010

Sense of accomplishment!

When we moved in October, it was a long process. Half of our stuff was still in the old place. But it was mostly the stuff we didn't need or use often. So when we finally sold the other place, we had to go over and bring it all over. We sat it in our basement and left it for 2 months. Well, the kids got into it because some of it was old toys. Plus it was in the way of their computer, wii, and tv. They have their own room in the basement. And we had boxes unpacked, toys thrown everywhere, and just a HUGE HUGE mess!

I'm happy to say that side of the basement is clean and ready to be remodeled! We are going to drywall the basement, paint and close it off from the other half of the basement which is the laundry room. The floor is cement so I think we are honestly just going to paint it with that cement paint and buy an area rug. I don't want to put carpet down there. I mean after all, it IS a basement and I don't want to have a leak and have to replace carpet. An area rug sounds much cheaper in case that happens.

We got rid of 4 of those industrial sized garbage bags of why in the world did we pack junk? I think because we got in such a big hurry when we were moving that we just started tossing stuff in boxes.
Note to self: If we ever move again, take more time to pack. Toss junk BEFOREHAND! Not when you move into the new place.

So we got rid of broken toys. Packed boxes for a yard sale this spring.

Now this week I'm going to be joining Lynette's Simplifying for Sanity. This week the choices are a bedroom or living room area. I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to do a bedroom or living room. My living room is clean and decluttered. BUT remember above where I said we moved?? Yes, you guessed right! I have no pictures on my walls!! Crazy I know. How can a person live here for 6 months and have no pics on their walls! Well, if I chose the living room that will all change! But I'm thinking of going with my daughter's room instead!

So look for pictures coming soon! Yay! Yes there will be before and after pics!!

Oh wait and you wanna know the best part of the clean basement??? I can go down and do wii fit AND play my Super Mario Bros game!! WOOHOO for me. Completely selfish reason but hey it worked!

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