Friday, March 5, 2010

Feeling like Rudolph the Rednose Wendy!

Oh gosh, my nose is bright, bright red. I swear you can see my coming a mile away with this shiny red thing on my face. This sinus infection is killing me. My husband had it and shared it with the kids. And then he decided it would be nice to share with me. Now I love my husband. I really really do. But I think I could have done without him for the week or two that he was sick. I think I could have nicely shut him in the basement. I know that sounds mean but it has a recliner and two couches and even has cable! I mean it wouldn't be like I shoved him in a dungeon.

I can't take meds for it without going to the doctor because of the other meds I'm on. So I can't even relieve any of the pressure. And Vicks, well it isn't getting half way through my congestion. And Vicks tissues, well, they just make me sneeze and my eyes water! Who knows, maybe that means it is helping.

Today I went to Walmart to buy cough meds for my munchkin and I couldn't buy it without proving I was 18. LOL!! I had a chuckle. I mean here I am, 31 years old. I have a 9 year old and they want to make sure I'm 18 :-D

Last weekend, we went to the casino and I had to wear the bright bracelet that alerted everyone to the fact that I was indeed over 21 or else I'd be carded by security all night....woohoo!! I sure hope I can keep this up until I'm elderly! Ok according to my kids, I am OLD!

Sorry, I know that my whole post doesn't make much sense to me. But in my sinus congested world, the whole thing makes wonderful sense :-D

It all boils down to this.....honey don't share. I don't like it. Ok well usually I do but please pick more wisely before you share a cold with me.

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